By the touch of Faith

I gave my mom a devotional back in 1998 as gift. After my mom passed I brought the book home with me. The topic of learning is the Beautitudes: the psychology of Jesus.

I found the words touched my heart in a special way I struggle with my own temptations and life issues. Perhaps you will find help and encouragement in this as well. Enjoy.

I long to reach out and touch You, my Lord Jesus.

Here is the excerpt from Every Day Light by Selwyn Hughes and Thomas Kincade:

We all want to be happy-and rightly so. This is a deep-rooted instinct which God has built into us. But happiness is not something you make but something you receive. You cannot make happiness any more than you can make love. You can express love but you cannot make love. So it is with happiness. You cannot make it.

In the passage: “And he saw them toiling in rowing”  [Mark 6:48], it is said that the disciples were toiling rowing in the dark and getting nowhere. The wind and the waves were against them and the whole venture was ending in futility. Then Jesus came. In John’s account of the same event, we are told that they took Him into the their boat and immediately the boat reached the shore where they were heading [John 6:21]. This is the way it is with happiness. We strive to achieve it, but we’toil in rowing’. Then we let Christ in-an lo, we reach the shore where we were going.

If happiness is not something we can create but something we receive, how do we go about receiving it? Listen again to the words o Jesus: “Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.” Our Lord is not thinking of here of material poverty, but spiritual poverty: “Blessed are the poor in spirit.” The word poor in the Greek is ptochos and refers to a chosen poverty. It implies a voluntary emptying of the inner being and issued of those who by choice are so poor that they become poor enough to receive-those who are willing to empty their hands of their own possessions and have them filled with the riches of God.  At the very threshold of Christ’s kingdom, then, we are met with the demand for self-emptying and receptivity.  Our spiritual environment is the kingdom of God. When we respond to it, surrender to it, and receive our very life from it-then we live happily and abundantly. It is our willingness to throw away our own self-sufficiency and open our hands to receive Christ.

She came up behind him and touched the edge of his cloak… ~Luke 8:44.

This passage shows how on on occasion as Jesus passed along the road, a multitude thronged around Him. A women in deep need came timidly through the crowd and touched His garment. “Who touched me?” asked Jesus as He felt the power go forth from Him. the disciples replied: “Master, the multitudes throng you, so why do you say, ‘Who touched me?'” “Somebody touched me,” Said Jesus. He knew that there was a great difference between thronging Him and touching Him. Those who throng Jesus get little, those who touch Jesus get everything.

Sunday after Sunday, thousands of people go to church and listen; they throng Jesus but never touch Him. Touch Him now-today. Touch Him for forgiveness, for cleansing, for power over temptation, over fears, over anxiety, over everything that stands in the way of your personal happiness.

The closing prayer along with this devotional: “O Lord Jesus, as You pass by I move up from those who throng You to boldly touch You-and I do it now. By the touch of faith I receive into my being Your forgiveness and Your power. Thank You, dear Lord. It’s done. Amen.”


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