Lemon Drop Moment

The following is taken from “Our Daily Bread” Autumn 2004 edition, September 19, Sunday, 2004:

Informing God

Read Psalm 139:1-6

02-Psalm-139-1We cannot tell God anything He doesn’t already know. When we pray, we simply put into words what He’s been aware of all along.

That doesn’t make prayer unnecessary; rather, it encourages us to pray. We find relief in talking to Someone who knows us and our situation fully. It’s a comfort to know that God’s response arises not from information we give Him, but from His perfect knowledge of our circumstances. He knows all conditions—past, present, future—that bear on our well-being. “your Father knows,” Jesus said in Matthew 6:8. He knows our thoughts, our intentions, our desires; He is intimately acquainted with all our ways [Psalm 139:3). He knows the anguish of our heart, the strain of continual frustration, the enemies inside and outside that war against our souls.

So, can we presume to dictate the time and terms of our deliverance from trials or adversity? Can we say our way is better, more likely to develop our soul? No, we cannot teach God anything. He alone knows the way to bring us to glory. Out of all the possible paths, He has chosen the best, the route most adapted to who we are and what He has in store for us.

We cannot teach God knowledge, but we can love and trust Him. That’s all He asks of us. ~ David Roper~

Dear Lord, The answer God may choose for me is sure to be the best. So may I always thankful be, and His goodness rest. Amen ~D. DeHaan~

This devotional surely hits in mark in my heart and most specifically my present circumstances.

As I have mentioned in previous Lemon Drop Moments, my husband and I are both unemployed at this time. My husband having been laid off from his job over a year ago. We are facing the possibility of losing our home with the added uncertainty of not having a job. We have both been diligently applying for jobs with little or no response to our applications. We have prayerfully placed this in God’s most capable hands.

This is uncharted waters for me. I am WAY OUT of my comfort zone. I am so used to finding a way out of trouble. That is where it all begins in the “I am used to” portion of my life. And its a much bigger portion than it should be.

There is hope in His promises. I trust Him even more after reading this devotional. I have read this before and it did not hit home so well the first time around. I am ever thankful for the reading and the re-reading of the Bible. If the meaning of the words are not revealed the first time, they will be revealed with the next reading or the next or the next. There is so much to gain by reading the Bible again and again and again.

I offer this praise and prayer: Dear Lord Jesus, thank you that you are a God that not only hears my prayers, You care enough to answer them, in Your time and in Your way. Thank you Lord, out of ALL the possible paths, You have chosen the best, the route most adapted to who I am and what You have in store for me. I am ever grateful Your ways are not like mine. Let there be more of You and less of me so that You may be intimately acquainted with all my ways. I ask in Jesus’ name, Amen.




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