Lemon Drop Moment

Flowers blowing. Branches bending. Trees swaying.

God’s beauty bursting upon the page.

His grace pouring down over the fields

The merry little breezes playing tag through the meadow

Looking for the peace of His promises

Stubbornly I turn my head the other way

Aching. Yearning. Pounding.

God is knocking upon my heart

Oh, how I hurt inside for the sin I have done

Trying to hide. Hiding my face. Bowing in disgrace

Tenderly a hand lifts my head

I weep at the sight of the love I see coming from God’s eyes

Hard for me to accept His forgiveness

Falling to my knees before His holy presence

Trembling I come into His arms

All the weight I tried to carry falls at God’s feet

How gracious He is for loving me.

A simple love poem for my Lord and Savior Jesus…with all my love Sara


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