Lemon Drop Moment

Please no more wood. Not My Story to Tell.

~Proverbs 26:20: Without wood a fire goes out; without gossip a quarrel dies down.~thz35651703

This verse hits home in my heart today.

I reflect upon conversations that have I encountered recently.

There have been brief moments when I flinch from the uncomfortable thoughts that have been related to me and episodes that have been unfolded to me. I flinch because I remember my very own voice speaking similar thoughts at one point. Placing people within categories. Casting my haughty judgments upon people. Flinging accusations at people. So very arrogant of me and how horribly ashamed I am. Thankful to have Jesus’ transforming Spirit in my life. He, and He alone, has given me a wiser view and a tamer tongue. I constantly seek His strength to overcome the battlefield within my mind that causes me to have a “slip of the tongue”.

Psalm 59:12 states: “For the sins of their mouths, for the words of their lips, let them be caught in their pride. For the curses and lies they utter…”

It goes back to the sharing of bad experiences or an unfortunate circumstance of someone. You have a bad experience, be it while out shopping, at doctor’s office, post office, with a neighbor, dining out, or any similar situation, you will share [and relive] that bad experience over and over and over again. You may even go so far as to share or to tell of an unfortunate occurrence of a person you have “issues with” by adding fuel to the fire. Keeping the flames of gossip soaring.

Tattler I think about the times I have chosen unwisely to share information that was not mine to share or tell. I think about the bad experiences of my own that I kept retelling and retelling again. Looking and searching for the next possible moment to declare “Can you believe what happened to me?”  Or worse still, I would continue to move on to the next available ear to share an unfortunate circumstance of someone that was not mine to tell. If I want to keep a quarrel alive and well or a bad feeling going, I only have to add more wood to the fire.

I heard a sermon once that spoke of cursing. At first, you may think of the “colorful metaphors” [bad words or swearing] that are flung into the air at people ‘when they cross’ us. As I listened to sermon, the pastor spoke of the ongoing and retelling of bad experiences and unfortunate circumstances of those that we have felt have wronged us in some way. We refuse to forgive and forget. Instead we fan the flame of the gossip fires by retelling and distorting the situation. The sermon hit its mark that day. It never dawned on me that by retelling and retelling a bad experience or adding wood to a gossip fire was the very same thing as cursing on someone. I was carrying out a curse on them by not forgiving and forgetting.

~But I, yes I , am the one who takes care of your sins-that’s what I do. I don’t keep a list of your sins."~ Isaiah 43:25 The Message

I will continue to encounter bad experiences and observe unfortunate circumstances of others. Ah, the facts of life. BUT, the difference is I seek the Lord’s wisdom, strength and love to change my awful and ugly heart to become more like Him. I pray and ask that I have no more wood to add to the fire and it is not my story to tell.


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