Lemon Drop Moment

A wee little vision…perhaps just a glimpse…

I like the sound of “Lemon Drop Moment’ better still the sound of ‘Lemon Drop Moon’…it fits with Lemonade Stand By The Creek.

Why such a name…our homestead farm is situated on 14 acres with a creek meandering and winding its way through the majority of the land. I have always held the memories of my lemonade stands as young girl. Last summer, I attempted a ‘lemonade stand’ which offered lemonade along with small crafty items I made and some copies of writings and newsletters I had created. It was an experiment to see if I could attract a little bit of interest and generate a little income. I named my stand ‘Lemonade Stand By The Creek”. I even went as far as making some signs for the road to advertise and a bigger wooden sign to allow passerby’s to know if the stand was open or closed. It ended not to be too successful but it was fun to try. I am reworking the concept and will try again this year.

Be sure to visit my online stand at: www.lemonadestandbythecreek.web.officelive.com.

Meanwhile, I have been enjoying the daily chores of caring for our goats and dogs. I have taken some time to offer this blog up in prayer and to seek the Lord’s guidance as to what content and how to move forward. I was inspired by the name ‘Lemon Drop Moment’ for its sweet sour [bittersweet or what have you] taste. As in life there are sweet moments and there are sour moments [you know the ups and downs of life].

Not quite sure yet as to how to move forward, but introducing the new name over ‘Daily Devotional’ is a start!

I came across this verse: ‘The Lord is good to those who hope in him, to those who seek him. It is good to wait quietly for the Lord to save.” ~Lamentations 3:25-26~

He has all my prayers in His most capable hands. Now, I must tend to my day patiently waiting for Him to reveal His answers. That is a challenge for me…waiting patiently.

On a personal note…

God has blessed us with a lovely homestead and now He has provided us with new life in our barns. It takes some adjusting though, being such a city girl!  I have no clue as to how to really care for these animals. So I have felt a little overwhelmed and unsure as to my capabilities of handling all this. Until I remembered one thing, God is in control not me. I prayed to Jesus, when we first moved out here [and several times], asking and seeking His direction on how we could use this homestead for His glory and benefit. I asked Him directly, ‘how can we use this home and land to honor You?’  Lo and behold, God opened a door for us to bring goats and dogs. After all, what is the benefit of living on a farm with two good buildings as we have and not participating in some sort of farm life activities [Salah has said that sooo many times to me….God is so smart speaking to me through him]. So, I can hardly weigh myself down with despair and/or procrastination over whether or not I am capable of handling it when God has been so generous to provide us with such wonderful blessings. It has taken me awhile to work through that concept in all honesty [in fact, I had such an embarrassing temper tantrum before it finally sunk in]. God is faithful and most excellent in His plans and purposes for us. He answers our prayers in His time and His way. Who am I to behave so badly when He so graciously answers my prayer for direction on how to move forward with our homestead.

IT IS an AMAZING blessing to have Jesus in my life. Everyday since the first day I asked Him into my heart and life [back in 1998] has gotten better and better. I am ever grateful to have such love in my life. For I would be a bigger mess than I already am without Him.


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