Entering 2010

Good day to all Lemonade Stand By The Creek visitors:

An explanation.

~And your ears will hear a word behind you, saying, This is the way; walk in it, when you turn to the right hand and when you turn to the left.~ Isaiah 30:21

My intent was to be back adding Daily Devotionals right after Christmas. However, when I sat down to begin the next devotional, I sensed as if I was put on pause mode instead. Something inside cautioned me to remain quiet for a longer period of time. As the Holy Spirit leads and guides me, I obliged and have spent the last few weeks seeking guidance during my quiet time and asking how can a better use this blog. Am I where God wants me to be? Am I carrying out what His plan and agenda for me? Or am I merely giving lip service and putting myself first?

I miss Jesus so much when I neglect Him and our precious relationship. I stumble and fall, such a mess I am, when I loose sight of Him. I am ever so weak and it seems I am constantly putting my agenda out front before His.

DSCF0026 I believe I had written that we have two Great Pyrenees on our homestead. They require good sound training, attention, and daily walks. If these very simple things are not provided for them, then they become restless and tune us out. There is a valuable lesson within that observation. A dog has a keen sense of order, this is commonly referred to as ‘pack  mentality’ [which actually holds true for all animals]. They strive for the big dog position, the leader of the pack. Not ever having raised or had dogs as pets growing up, my husband and I have little or no experience in understanding how to care and maintain a dog [let alone TWO!]. This concept of ‘alpha dog’ is all very foreign to me. Yet, in the arrival of these two most amazing dogs of God’s design, I have read and learned a great a deal about it. AND realize there is ever SOOOOO much more to learn as well.

If I do not establish myself as the ‘lead dog’, my dogs will try and take that position for themselves. For example, on a walk, who goes first? The dog or me? Does is matter? YES, I do! I am the lead dog they are to follow after or beside me. If I allow them to lead, they are pulling me [literally] and it is a stressful walk when this happens. It is hard to hold onto 140 lb dog when the ground is covered with snow. We get into all kinds of tangles and trouble when I allow them to lead. So, I have learned that when we walk we take a ‘pack walk’. I go first, being the lead dog, and they follow me. This includes stopping for sniffing and relieving themselves as well. I make the decision when and where they stop to do this. After all that is what the lead dog does, it communicates to the other dogs who is in charge and where they fit into the pack. When I walk our dogs in this fashion, it is a most enjoyable walk. We can walk longer and we all get more benefits from the walk. I can walk both [the 2 and half year old and the 5 month old one] of them together, one on either side of me.

Coming back to my relationship with Jesus, He is the Big Dog if you will. I am to follow after or along beside Him. Not the other way around. In fact, if I put myself out in front of Him, He does not follow me. I am just out there on my own fumbling and stumbling along. Utter chaos and confusion takes over my life and circumstances. Very stressful walk indeed.  Putting Jesus out front where He belongs, make for a more enjoyable walk.


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