Daily Devotional: From my Hearth to Yours

Romans 15:13 KJV

~The God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing.~

card fb My second winter out in God’s countryside has begun with new life within our old barn buildings. I was struck by a most reflective thought as I laid out fresh straw for our new little goats.

My Lord Jesus began his life among such a place.

As I continued my chore of laying out the straw, I was touched by one of the goats. Very lightly mind you, they are still hesitant of us. Each day they come closer as we build a relationship of trust with one another. They come and sniff at my outreached hand. I have even been allowed to touch their nose a couple of times. They seem to enjoy my husband’s voice very much. When they hear him call, they respond very quickly to him. Most precious to observe.

This year is nearly to a close. As I look toward the new year, I am grateful for all the life happenings Jesus has guided my through so far. I think about how I must be like our goats, I too come and sniff at Jesus’ outstretched hand, hesitantly laying out all my stuff before Him. I say hesitantly because I seem to want to hold on to old baggage and flaws thinking I will find a way to handle it, instead of trusting and handing it over to the Lord who has already overcome the obstacle for me [and resolving any issues much better than I ever could!]. He patiently and lovingly leads me, teaches me, and disciplines me as we build a relationship together.

As we gather with family and friends over the next couple of weeks, may the Spirit of our Lord Jesus Christ fill you in a special way. May you be grateful for all the life happenings He has guided you through so far [and continue to do]. May you continue to seek His presence in your life [be sure to ask Him for help and include Him in your thoughts, hopes, dreams and prayers]. May His patience fall upon and over you as He works out the very special intricate details of His plans and purposes for your life. You will be astonished at what a tremendous job He does for you!

Most of all, know that you are a special warm fuzzy in His heart [AND MINE!!!!].

I thank each and everyone for the laughter and the tears we have shared.

With much love, Sara


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