Daily Devotional: One Very Fine House!

Please read 2 Chronicles 6:1-42

solomonstemple2 Gifts of precious metals and treasured wood were sent by the surrounding nations. Slowly the temple took on impressive form under the hands of the most skilled craftsmen in the land. Finally, the construction was finished. It was time for God to ‘move in’.

The thought of the Creator God dwelling in a building, as magnificent as it was, seemed ridiculous to Solomon. Nevertheless, he carefully followed God instructions. God did indeed intend to dwell among them. When Solomon and the people invited God to make the temple his home for generations to come, God dramatically answered their prayer. His glory suddenly filled the building.

Sine the time of Jesus’ life on earth, God has chosen to dwell in human hearts instead of in a building. He enjoys intimate fellowship with those who believe and receive him. He intends to fill every aspect of our being with his life-giving presence. He simply waits for us to yield to him and invite him in.

Write out a prayer of dedication, truly welcoming God into every part of your life.




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