Daily Devotional: Abundant living to be had in Jesus

Nahum 1:15

Look, there on the mountains,
       the feet of one who brings good news,
       who proclaims peace!
       Celebrate your festivals, O Judah,
       and fulfill your vows.
       No more will the wicked invade you;
       they will be completely destroyed.

praise-the-lord After months of defeat and bad news, Nahum wrote about the messenger who would bring the good new that Judah’s enemy, Nineveh, was destroyed and no longer a threat. Peace was a definite possibility. Nahum’s good news could also be applied to the Messiah, who would defeat sin and bring reconciliation and peace with God. What sort of messenger are you? One who brings good news? Or do you carry a cloud of gloom with you wherever you go, swathing all those who enter your vicinity in darkness and doom? Nahum’s messenger proclaimed the good news victory over enemies and of Jesus, the One who would bring peace and joy to a world in darkness. Pray today that you would be known as one of God’s messengers, one who brings good news of salvation to those around you who are lost.

Jesus, may my words and my very lifestyle bless those around me with good news, the good news of salvation in You, the good news of abundant living to be had in You, the blessing of life lived for You. Amen, Lord!


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