Daily Devotional: Down on the farm

Proverbs 31:10-31

Merry Christmas first and foremost!DSCF0133

What a blessed season, celebrating Our Lord Jesus Christ’s birthday. No better way to end my year.

It has been MANY days since I have posted any new thoughts. Accept my humble apologies. 

We have a small farmette out in the middle of God’s countryside. We have been here for a 1 1/2 years now. It has been a great place to renew, refresh, and reconnect with God. Being out here away from the ‘maddening crowd’, we can hear God’s voice more clearly and truly appreciate His presence in our lives. We have watched His seasons change in awe of His creative glory. We have been witnesses to His artistic landscaping: the rolling white clouds, the claps of thunder, the electric bolts of lightning, the gentle falling of snow, the refreshing droplets of rain, the emerald green grasses and bursting of coloring the spring, the humidity of the summer, the bountiful harvest of autumn, and the blanket of quietness of winter. DSCF0077

We have 7 cats! Last year about November, we lost the little kitten we had gotten by getting hit by a car. About that same time, a stray white cat started showing up. We started to feed her. She was very leery of us at first and would not come close to us. After time, we established trust with her and we were able to pet her and upon occasion pick her up as well. She survived our first winter [very cold winter if anyone remembers] with us out on the farm. In spring, she gave birth to 4 kittens, one male and 3 female. Then as it would be she gave birth to two more kittens in fall. This landed us with the 7 cats. As I was never a cat person in my city life days, I humbly repent and admit it has been most wondrous seeing the kittens moments after birth and watching them grow.

DSCF0026A month ago we took on two Great Pyrenees, both male, one 3 months old and the other one 2 1/2 years old. And just a couple of weeks ago, my hubby and I brought two 4 month old girl goats to our homestead. What a neat experience this is for us. DSCF0139

What a joyful peace and a sense of belonging there is having your barn fill up with live animals. There are chores to do [I will be cleaning out my first load of soiled straw tomorrow!] and small modern conveniences to set up for the animals. After experiencing the retching cold and the burden of carrying 5 gallons of water twice a day [my  hubby, poor guy not me] to the water troughs, we discovered heated water buckets! Thank you Lord Jesus! We have had to make sure everyone has their own food containers…no one likes to share! And everyone, and I mean EVRYONE of the animals, needs a little bit of love and attention [each one wanting to be first] each day!

It is amazing to me the life that has come to our homestead. There is a sense of satisfaction of a something accomplished as I lay my head upon my pillow at night. This endearing activity has gotten me up, out of this chair and away from the computer. I genuinely acknowledge I had become far too stagnant and not much use had been given to my legs, knees, and feet. Such a shame on me. Such a city girl!

Bringing me to Proverbs 31. “A wife of noble character who can find?” ~Proverb 31:10~

I pray in earnest [in its entirety and aloud] Proverb 31 at various times throughout the year. I so need God’s bending, shaping and molding in my life. Without Jesus’ transforming Spirit, I would never get out of this chair. I lack the discipline and motivation to be more active. Not such a nice thing for girl who just turned 47. I am far too young and so much more ahead, God willing.

I am ever grateful to my Lord for bringing us to this homestead and providing us with this opportunity to care for His animals. They are so cute!



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