Daily Devotional: Some praise practice

Please Read Revelation 19

praise How adept are you at praising God? You might want to use this chapter to get in some praise practice. You can be sure that you’ll be doing a lot of it in heaven. Depending on what you read about heaven, you might be doing other things as well, but praise will likely be one of your primary activities. After all, the God of all heaven and earth sent His Son to die so that you could live forever. He deserves your praise.

The battle between good and evil has reached its final climax. Jesus has won! And all of heaven bursts into praise with a ‘roar’ [Revelation 19:1 NIV]. Aren’t you eager to be a part of that assembly? Watching the final battle, then seeing Jesus emerge triumphant? Like a great victory at a sporting event, the entire audience will jump up in spontaneous cheering and shouting and praise. The praises will be so overwhelming and loud that Revelation says they’ll sound like the roar of water and like peals of thunder [Revelation] 19:6]. If you’ve ever been part of a huge multitude that cheered something, whether a team or God, you have a small peek at what that praise in heaven will be like.

All of heaven’s beings have reason to praise God. But only the redeemed can praise Him for salvation, for the reality of what the Son’s death on the cross accomplished. That will be your privilege in heaven, to praise Jesus and bow before Him as  your King of kings and Lord of lords.


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