Daily Devotional: Twelve-hundred-word lesson

Due to the length of this passage: Please read Acts 7:2-50. Thank you!

Stephen’s speech to the Sanhedrin was a twelve-hundred-word lesson in the history of the Hebrew people and God’s work in and through them. He wasn’t telling his audience anything they didn’t know. They had heard and studied the history of their people thoroughly. What they didn’t get, however, was what it all meant.

For centuries, God had been slowly working in His people, building them as a nation set apart from all other nations, urging them to worship Him only. But as Stephen recounts, they continually turned away from God, worshiping idols and persecuting the prophets sent to bring them God’s messages. Through the beginnings of the nation of Abraham through their stay and growth as a people in Egypt, under Moses’ leadership leaving Egypt, rebelling and spending forty years wandering in the  desert, then finally settling in the Promised Land, Stephen builds to the climax of his lesson. Not only did they reject God in the past, they were rejecting Him and HIs Son in the present.

As you read through Stephen’s history lesson, recall the history of your own life, how God has been working and how you have been responding. Is there anything that requires change? As you reflect, be sure to respond to what the Holy Spirit is telling you.


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