Daily Devotional: Like Science fiction or fantasy

Read Revelation 1-5; 19-22

Armor Like science fiction or fantasy, the images and symbols and visions of the book of Revelation amaze and confound those who read them. While some are sure of their meanings, others debate and doubt. Some see these events as having been fulfilled in the first century; others see a fulfillment that is still in the future; still others see fulfillment both ways. But the central message of the book is easily deciphered even if you don’t understand one of the signs or symbols: Jesus wins!

Evil and good have warred throughout history, starting at the very beginning if the Garden of Eden, when the serpent convinced Eve to eat forbidden fruit. It would be easy to be discouraged and think that the war will continue forever or that evil will finally win. But just the opposite is true. Revelation, with pictures and symbols and catastrophes and battles, tells the all-important story of the victory that Christ the King will win over evil.

You don’t need to fear. Ultimate victory belongs to Jesus. He will destroy Satan and his cohorts and will reign forever as King of kings and Lord of lords!


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