Daily Devotional: God’s balances and scales

Daniel 5:27

~TEKEL, You are weighed in the balances and are found wanting;~

animation_scales_of_justice Scary thought, isn’t it? To be weighed on God’s “balances”, God’s scales, and found wanting? Short? Too lightweight? If you belong to Jesus, however, you don’t have to fear. Your weight, your righteousness, your rightness with God is never measured on its own. You have Jesus with you on your side of the scale, so you can be confident you will never be found wanting. In your prayer time today, consider your former state, when you would have been found wanting if  you had been weighed on God’s scales. And then thank God for your present state: secure and safe because Jesus’ blood and righteousness.

I trust in You alone, O God, for my salvation. I know that through Jesus’ blood and His work for me on the cross, I will never be weighed in the balances and be found wanting. I give You the most solemn praises of my heart, my Father and my Savior, for lovingly saving me. Amen.


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