Daily Devotional:Make your spouse a priority!

Ephesians 5:33

~So again I say, each man must love his wife as he loves  himself, and the wife must respect her husband.~

“…It seems like his job and his friends and his boat and his football games are all a lot more important to him than I am. I feel like I’m a the bottom of the list.”

9780842362030lrg This sort of complaint is told over and over. Most of us take better care of our cars and houses than we do our marriages. Too often, we take one another for granted. We treat out marriages like those annoying pink mechanical bunnies; we pop in a battery and then forget about them, assuming they’ll go on forever. But the reality is that if we don’t take care of our relationships, they will eventually stop working.

In order to thrive, your marriage must be your number one priority—at the top of your list. And your spouse needs to see this every day! the principle is simple: If your partner doesn’t feel she is special to you, sooner or later she’ll be tempted to find someone who does make her feel special.

It is not easy to keep a marriage at the top of your priority list when there are so many demands on your time: demanding jobs, demanding children, and other demanding responsibilities. While each has its place in your life, developing a healthy marriage is most important and should be given more attention that your other responsibilities.

A healthy marriage benefits others as well. It’s the best gift you can give your children, whether those children are three years old or sixty-three. Knowing their parents are together creates a real feeling of security and stability for children.

What’s so exciting about doing this is that as you begin to make your spouse a priority, you’ll be showing your love to her—and they’ll start communicating that love back to you. The old saying is true: The m ore you give, the more you get. And as the love between the two of you begins to flow stronger, you will begin to feel a spark of joy and passion that can reenergize your marriage, making it what you always hoped it would be. And maybe more!

borrowed from 20 Rules and Tools for a Great Marriage, by Dr. Steve Stephens, want to know more about Dr. Stephens, visit: www.drstevestephens.com.


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