Daily Devotional: You are not a mistake

Isaiah 44:24

This is what the LORD says— gospel_1abc
       your Redeemer, who formed you in the womb:
       I am the LORD,
       who has made all things,
       who alone stretched out the heavens,
       who spread out the earth by myself,

In God’s family there are no illegitimate children, no mistakes, no accidents, no orphans. God wanted us. He planned us. Whether or not we were wanted by our biological parents, the fundamental truth remains unchanged: the Sovereign Lord called us into being. He planned our existence, our ancestry, our genetic code, our cultural heritage, our nationality, our personality—all with the view to fulfilling his good plan of our lives.

This same commitment in the heart of God that brought us into the world also brings all who embrace him into eternal relationship with him. Our heavenly Father has adopted us as his children and made us his friends. He has a destiny for each of our lives. We can choose to reject him and his good plans for us. But if we embrace this truth about our destiny and act upon it, he will empower us to be and do all he has purposed for us.

What have  you believed about how God sees you? Ask him to help you embrace his truth about you and his purposes for your life.


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