Daily Devotional: Character Counts

Psalm 8:9

~The birds of the air, and the fish of the sea, all that swim the paths of the seas.~

The development of excellence in our artistry is a worthy goal, but it should never be an end in itself. Excellence, pursued for its own sake, will all too often lead to pride and destructive behavior.

A visiting tenor once was invited to perform with a Russian orchestra. By the end of the first rehearsal, the orchestra conductor was impressed with both his ability and his character. “You are not like other guest artists. You are so kind,” he remarked.

artistAnimated God’s gifts are given to us so that we can use them to serve and bless others. That is why it is important to develop excellence of character as well as excellence in our artistry. Both demand perseverance and commitment. In thinking about God’s creative excellence, David was overwhelmed by the blessing and the brilliance of it all!

What creative gifts do you have that can glorify God and bless others? How are you using them?


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