Daily Devotional: Searching for satisfaction

John 6:35

~Then Jesus declared, “I am the bread of life. He who comes to me will never go hungry, and he who believes in me will never be thirsty.”~

Doreen looked stunning in her new short skirt and jacket, and she knew it. Several men in the room smiled or winked at her, and she was trying to decide which one she wanted. Not one saw beyond Doreen’s attractive facade to her empty heart. She was starving for attention, for acceptance and love.

bread_of_life Jesus understands the deep longings of the human heart. He made us with needs for intimacy that only he could he meet. Like Doreen, many of us attempt to meet the needs through substitutes like sex, money or work. But ultimately only Jesus can satisfy.

He is the bread of life. Good bread nourishes and strengthens our bodies. The substitutes we use are like candy. They may taste sweet, but they never really satisfy our hunger. If Doreen had let Jesus nourish he with his unconditional love, her unhealthy hunger for men’s attention would have soon diminished.

If Jesus were among the men approaching Doreen, how would he interact with her? He may be approaching you; listen carefully with your heart.


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