Daily Devotional: What’s your price tag?

Genesis 44:33

~”Now then, please let your servant remain here as my lord’s slave in place of the boys, and let the boy return with his brothers.”~

fire Mandy could hardly believe the tragic TV news report. A man whose home was threatened by raging California brush fire had escaped the flames but had run back in to rescue his cat. The fire then trapped and killed him. As she finished the breakfast dishes, Mandy wondered if the man could do it over, would he take that risk again? Surely his life was worth more than the cat’s.

Just then a heavenly scene played out in Mandy’s mind. Jesus was being asked if he had the option, would he die for her again. In that moment, the thought of Jesus choosing to die to save her seemed ridiculous as a man choosing to die to save his cat. Mandy was astonished when she felt she heard Jesus say, “Yes, she is worth it.”

What determines the value of something? Isn’t it simply what someone is willing to pay for it? In this passage in Genesis, Judah was willing to give up his own freedom to gain his brother Benjamin’s. In the true story above, the pet owner was willing to risk his own life for the cat. In reality, God gave his Son for  you. He would have died for you, even if no one else believed in him but  you.

Jesus’ life is the value God puts on you. If you truly believed you are that valuable, what would change in the way you think or act?



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