Daily Devotional: The cost of discipleship

Ezekiel 24:15-18

15 Then this message came to me from the Lord: 16 “Son of man, with one blow I will take away your dearest treasure. Yet you must not show any sorrow at her death. Do not weep; let there be no tears. 17 Groan silently, but let there be no wailing at her grave. Do not uncover your head or take off your sandals. Do not perform the usual rituals of mourning or accept any food brought to you by consoling friends.”

18 So I proclaimed this to the people the next morning, and in the evening my wife died. The next morning I did everything I had been told to do.

Loren Cunningham had thought he had given his whole life to God. He’d left a promising career as a pastor and later turned down a multimillion-dollar business opportunity. He knew he wasn’t free to pursue either, because God was calling him into missions. What more could God possibly require of him, he wondered.

He found out one day when his van veered out of control and crashed on a lonely stretch of Arizona highway. As he held the bloody, lifeless body of his wife Darlene, Loren heard the unmistakable voice of God say, “Loren, will you still serve me?”

disciple logoThrough tears he responded, “Yes, Lord, I have nothing left except my life…and  you can have that too.” Then God said, “Pray for Darlene.” Within moments, Darlene drew a rattly breath and life returned to her body. After she recovered, the two gave God their all, and they went on to develop the international ministry know as Youth With A Mission.

The way to true discipleship is through the cross of Jesus Christ. There we surrender our old life in exchange for his resurrection life.

What would be the hardest thing for you to surrender in order to follow Jesus on the path of true discipleship? Ask God to help you be willing to say yes.


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