Daily Devotional: Prosperity with a purpose

2 Chronicles 9:13

~”The weight of the gold that Solomon received yearly was 666 talents…”~

prosperity Former United States President Calvin Coolidge once said that prosperity is an instrument to be used, not a god to be worshiped. God loves to bless and prosper his people, but not so they can hoard their excess or spend it all on themselves. He blesses us so we have enough for our needs and an abundance to do good deeds and advance the kingdom of God.

By contrast, Satan often uses prosperity to tempt us to be proud, independent and materialistic. Satan wants us to forget that God is the author of all blessings; he wants us to think that everything we have is the result of our hard work, wisdom or good luck.

We must never forget that our true source is God himself. When we’re in a season of prosperity, let’s look for ways to use all that we have been given to advance God’s kingdom.

Where does your prosperity come from? How can you use your resources to help build God’s kingdom?


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