Daily Devotional: Pride, unbelief, and fear

Proverbs 4:23 for August 23, 2009

~Above all else, guard your heart;, for it is the the wellspring of life.~

The domain of darkness is influencing the entire world and can be overwhelming to the Christian who does not know the power of God and his kingdom. Within Satan’s complex structure of evil are three kingpins that form the primary basis for his activities. These trademarks of Satan’s kingdom are pride, unbelief, and fear, to which he knows the human heart is susceptible. But if we refuse to tolerate them in our lives, we have effectively disarmed the enemy and nullified his efforts against us.

test-dream-copyright3 When the Bible speaks of ”the heart”, it is referring to our attitudes and emotions. It is in this arena that Satan does much of his work. We are sadly mistaken if we believe that all our bad attitudes disappeared when we were saved. The Bible is clear about our daily responsibility to manage life, to make choices, and to correct wrong attitudes. When we fail to exercise our responsibility over our heart’s condition, an opportunity is made available for pride, unbelief and fear to take root.

When have you allowed pride, unbelief and fear into your heart? What consequences have you seen? What steps can you take to guard your heart?


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