Daily Devotional: The goodness around us

Psalm 104:13-35 (New Living Translation)

13 You send rain on the mountains from your heavenly home,
      and you fill the earth with the fruit of your labor.
14 You cause grass to grow for the livestock
      and plants for people to use.
   You allow them to produce food from the earth—
15 wine to make them glad,
   olive oil to soothe their skin,
      and bread to give them strength.
16 The trees of the Lord are well cared for—
      the cedars of Lebanon that he planted.
17 There the birds make their nests,
      and the storks make their homes in the cypresses.
18 High in the mountains live the wild goats,
      and the rocks form a refuge for the hyraxes.[a]

gods-creation-series-pack_530_119 You made the moon to mark the seasons,
      and the sun knows when to set.
20 You send the darkness, and it becomes night,
      when all the forest animals prowl about.
21 Then the young lions roar for their prey,
      stalking the food provided by God.
22 At dawn they slink back
      into their dens to rest.
23 Then people go off to their work,
      where they labor until evening.

24 O Lord, what a variety of things you have made!
      In wisdom you have made them all.
      The earth is full of your creatures.
25 Here is the ocean, vast and wide,
      teeming with life of every kind,
      both large and small.
26 See the ships sailing along,
      and Leviathan, which you made to play in the sea.

27 They all depend on you
      to give them food as they need it.
28 When you supply it, they gather it.
      You open your hand to feed them,
      and they are richly satisfied.
29 But if you turn away from them, they panic.
      When you take away their breath,
      they die and turn again to dust.
30 When you give them your breath, life is created,
      and you renew the face of the earth.

31 May the glory of the Lord continue forever!
      The Lord takes pleasure in all he has made!
32 The earth trembles at his glance;
      the mountains smoke at his touch.

33 I will sing to the Lord as long as I live.
      I will praise my God to my last breath!
34 May all my thoughts be pleasing to him,
      for I rejoice in the Lord.
35 Let all sinners vanish from the face of the earth;
      let the wicked disappear forever.

   Let all that I am praise the Lord.

   Praise the Lord!

“It was very good!” That’s how God described his finished creation [Genesis 1:31]. Despite the damage to the cosmic order that took place when sin entered the Let'sExploreGod'sWorldworld, evidence of that goodness remains. Whether he is watering the earth with rain, providing food for the animals and birds, or spreading the snow like wool on mountain peaks, God orchestrates his world like a brilliant symphony. He is not a distant Creator, but One who is actively involved in the affairs of his world.

Look even in the most unlikely places. If we walk around an abandoned demolition site, we notice how trees and flowers have started to grow again. We can search through a fire-ravaged forest, and the smallest remaining plants or insects will declare the goodness of God.

It would be a mistake to think that this is “the best of all possible worlds.” The best world is yet to come when, as the psalmist reminds us, “sinners vanish from the earth” [Psalm 104:35]. But until then, let’s lift our eyes and see the glory of God in the signs he has put all around us.

How often do you take time to enjoy God’s creation? What does it show you about the Creator?



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