Daily Devotional: Honoring our debts

1 Kings 9:11-13 (New Living Translation)

11 He gave twenty towns in the land of Galilee to King Hiram of Tyre. (Hiram had previously provided all the cedar and cypress timber and gold that Solomon had requested.) 12 But when Hiram came from Tyre to see the towns Solomon had given him, he was not at all pleased with them. 13 “What kind of towns are these, my brother?” he asked. So Hiram called that area Cabul (which means “worthless”), as it is still known today.

j0409344_211150216_std “Dad, we’re in financial trouble.” Michael’s voice cracked from the stress as he explained how he and his wife had gone deeper into credit-card debt and now weren’t able to make even the minimum payments due. “I’ve been talking to a lawyer about bankruptcy, and I need your advice.”

Michael said friends had urged them to file bankruptcy so they could get rid of their debts and make a fresh start. After all, that was the purpose of these laws, they had reasoned. But through his dad’s counsel, Michael began to understand that his heavenly Father’s financial standards are quite different from the world’s.

God requires us to confront our debts with an attitude of serious commitment, not with an attitude of too quickly pursuing solutions through the legal systems. He requires us to live up to our promise to repay any money we borrow.

How have you handled debt? If you’re in trouble, get help and start a repayment plan that honors God’s standard.


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