Daily Devotion: Timeless Guidance

Psalm 119:105

Garden-Path-Lights ~Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light for my path.~

Although the Bible was given to us centuries ago, it never grows outdated because it is God’s living Word. Its timeless truths penetrate the hearts and minds of every generation just as light penetrates the darkness.

The Bible is a believer’s primary source of guidance. Both spiritual growth and and success in serving God are closely related to living with the Scriptures. Therefore, every disciple must be devoted to absorbing the Scripture through reading, studying, meditation and memorization.

The psalmist also affirms that God’s Word always lights the next step before us. We aren’t guaranteed a ‘long-distance forecast” of the future. However, we know that our daily small steps of careful obedience to God’s direction will safeguard us against missing his will in the big decisions.

How have you used God’s Word to guide your decisions?


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