Daily Devotional: A need to be nurished

Deuteronomy 33:9-10

9 He said of his father and mother,
       ‘I have no regard for them.’
       He did not recognize his brothers
       or acknowledge his own children,
       but he watched over your word
       and guarded your covenant.

10 He teaches your precepts to Jacob
       and your law to Israel.
       He offers incense before you
       and whole burnt offerings on your altar.

open-bible When Dave became a Christian, he eagerly devoured the words of Scripture. He could hardly stop reading God’s Word. It was life to him. He wanted to get to know his heavenly Father, and the Bible brought him refreshment and so much insight. As a young man with few responsibilities, he always seemed to find the time to study the Word alone for hours on end. But a few years down the road, with the demands of a young family and pressures at work, he realized that his Bible reading had decreased to a few minutes a day. Spiritually he felt weary and dry. The words of wisdom and hope that he’d so often passed on to his friends didn’t seem to flow from him anymore.

Finally Dave saw that the only way to have the time he needed in the Word was to make it a  high priority. With a concerted effort, he began getting up before his family awakened to read the Bible alone. He and his wife arranged their scheduled so they could attend weekly Bible study. And instead of watching the late news on TV before falling into bed, they shared a short Bible meditation. Slowly the freshness and life returned to Dave’s spirit.

Dave’s experience is a lesson for us all. Set a particular time during the day to read God’s Word. Pray for humility and a hunger to learn new truths and apply them in your life.


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