Daily Devotional: As Frail as Grass

Isaiah 51:12-13

grass crop12 "I, even I, am he who comforts you. 
       Who are you that you fear mortal men,
       the sons of men, who are but grass,

13 that you forget the LORD your Maker,
       who stretched out the heavens
       and laid the foundations of the earth,
       that you live in constant terror every day
       because of the wrath of the oppressor,
       who is bent on destruction?
       For where is the wrath of the oppressor?

Paul was driving home late after another frantic day at the office. Just a mile from home, he dozed off, sending his car into a terrifying roll. He escaped with only minor injuries and went home grateful to be alive. The next morning God asked him, “Paul, just what are you trying to accomplish?” Suddenly Paul saw how frail his life was in comparison to God’s mighty power.

We are often likened to grass in Scripture. Grass, though beautifully made by God, is frail, vulnerable and short-lived. It is dependent on God for sun and rain to make it grow. We were also made to be wholly dependent on God. Trouble comes when we forget him, ignore him or deliberately go our own way.

Many great men and women of the Bible learned the painful consequences of taking their eyes off God. He restores those who turn to him in repentance. Sadly, then as now, some never learn, and there by fail to inherit God’s promises.

How has God shown you the frailty of your life? Compare aspects or your vulnerabilities with God’s strengths. How can you draw more from him?



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