Daily Devotional: The Power of Words

Psalm 141:3

~Set a guard over my mouth, O Lord; keep watch over the door of my lips~



Words can bring life or death. Spoken words combined with either good or evil heart attitudes are powerful. When Ed was a young Christian, an elder in his church said, “Ed, I think you have a gift of teaching.” Can you imagine what life these comments brought? Those words helped shape Ed’s entire future.

In the same way that positive words bring life, negative words of complaint and criticism can bring death. Often we sin with our mouths among friends. It starts with innocent comments about someone who is not present, which then leads to further “observations”. From our observations our “concerns” become known. Then our concern become criticisms, and our criticisms become accusations. Oh, how we disguise this ugly progression under “loving” words. It is crucial that we watch over our mouths.


How have you  misused the power of words? Is there anyone you need to confess this sin to and ask for forgiveness?



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