Saturday with Salah

Good afternoon my loveliesclip_image001

It is 50 degrees, YES 50 degrees here today!

What a blessing after the lengthy beyond cold that we have been enjoying. I do not think my teeth could chatter any longer!!!

Salah is checking to see if he can get water out of our hose and the well to rinse off the truck and car. We will see!

Some of you may know that we have been adopted by a white ‘wild’ cat. She came to us shortly after our little black cat was run over by a car.

We have fed her and she has stayed in our hog barn and also in pile of wood by the fallen barn. Slowly over time we have gained her confidence. At first, we would only see her waiting in the brush outside the barn for us to put the food in her dish. We could leave the barn and then watch her carefully enter and find her food. Then, as time went on, I would come out and call her…talking a bit to her. She eventually would come into the barn at the same time as me and walk around in her cat way until I put her food in the dish.

Well, about a month ago, being very cold, Lil’ button as I call her, came in waiting for her food. I filled the dish and then as she was eating I gently reached out and touched her head. She kind of leaned into it and allowed me to scratch her neck behind her ears! I told Salah that she had allowed me to pet her a little bit. He was SOOOO excited at the thought of this!!! He is at work when I usually go out to feed Lil’ button. So on the weekends when he is home HE likes to go out and feed her. It is hilarious to watch him…he gets all scared to reach out to touch her, not wanting to make her upset!

Over the last couple weeks, we have pet her, only a little, since we want her to remain ‘wild’. Well, today, Salah goes out to feed her. I stayed in the  house and I was sitting on our porch waiting for him to come back. He was outside for a long time. But, being soooo sunny and warm…i figured he was just enjoying being outside and the land. After a while, I went out to take some nightlights to the garage. As I am headed for the garage, lo and behold, there is Salah with our little puffy white cat walking along at his heels!!! He sees me, smiles this HUGE childlike smile, bends down and picks her up!!!

You had to see the look of enjoyment on his face. Priceless…just priceless.

As I walked closer, he says, "look, she is letting me pick her up!! She wants to be by me!!”

I came over and reached down to touch her…and she just moved right into me petting he behind her ears.

He continued to walk around our front yard with her. He went back behind the house where the creek is and she followed him. He came to ask me something and she sat outside right by the door until he came back out.

Well, she took off back to our barn though when he tried to cross some of the snow that is melting. She didn’t like the wetness!

The snow melting has caused the creek to turn into a gushing creek! I wish we could open the windows downstairs so we could hear the sound of the water.

Thank you Lord for bringing us here to this home and this land…it is peaceful and nice to hear your voice.


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