Welcome to the Lemonade Stand by the Creek

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My husband and I moved to our new homestead here in Leaf River, Illinois in April of 2008.

God has blessed us with a 14 acre farmette. Being originally a ‘city’ girl I have no idea of what it takes to live or to maintain a farm. There are two small barns:


This is view of them: the hog barn in background and the corn crib to the right

Here is the crooked creek

Dec11#06 Dec11#07

meandering its way through most of the property.

Without sounding overly boastful, I enjoy writing stories. I have discovered an appreciation for writing and creating newsletters or pamphlets. I find developing the graphics,layout and content very relaxing and rewarding. I have used my family’s interests as a learning tool for putting newsletters and info pamphlets together.

Here is how the Lemonade Stand by the Creek was inspired. We have this great spot on our property for a “stand”. Being out in the country, several of the local families have “vegetable and fruit’ stands in the fall. I found myself thinking about what kind of ‘stand’ I could do; how can I use our little homestead in a special way.

Ah, it hit me…I remember from my childhood…having a lemonade stand. You set up shop right out on the curb of your street in front of your house.

I am keeping this thought, concept or idea in prayer before moving too far into it. I am building this blog to sort through the random thoughts and ideas that are leading me toward establishing my ‘stand’.

I miss the simple fun I enjoyed with my brothers and my sisters. I find myself reminiscing about how my mom

mom jester

[picture of my mom dressed as jester for one of our birthday parties]

used to teach us kids how to make things, read us stories, sing us to sleep, make us warm lemonade when we were sick and more. A lemonade stand brings back warm tender childhood memories. I have asked the Lord Jesus how can I share this with others in a way that would build up God’s kingdom. This is very important. God’s will. 

Please visit the Lemonade Stand by the Creek often.


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